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Contemporary art gallery and art center

exposition-animation  Exhibition, Canvas of Animation by Ira VICARI was from 15th to 31th October 2013. Animations as art animation of Ira VICARI presented in several festivals. At the exhibition, new animation works were introduced.

- Information of exhibition from new artist, Ye CHO will be done.

- Exhibition of some art works of  French painter, Gérard Sighicelli was on our Website, from 20th August to 19th September, 2013.

If you want more information, you can contact us or if you want to book one of their original works, you can click “reservation” and send it to us.

If you wish to present your arts on our gallery, to write criticism or to become partner, you can use  form “Open Call”.

- History of online activity beginning between artists, critics, writers, colleagues, friends — on February 05th, 2013

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