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Gérard SIGHICELLI ( 19392011 ) Contemporary Artist Painter


Gérard Sighicelli was born in Lyon in 1939. From the age of 15 years, he wants to become a painter but his family dissuades him. Nevertheless in 1961, after two years in Algeria, he decided to leave to Paris in where he studies painting in Paul Berton’s studio. This one teaches him the academic art, with as reference of Spanish golden age (Vélasquez, Goya). In this period, he meets Anne, an American who will become his wife and a partner of a whole life; in 1964, they settle down to Rousset-les-vignes and the young artist discovers the nature, and finds a personal way: ” I began painting the landscape in a very simplified way. It was in reaction to what had taught me Paul Berton. There were divisions of space, it was a light in shape. ” In 1969, Sighicelli, his wife Anne and their children leave to the United States in Connecticut where they will stay three years. He develops abstract style, he did exhibitions in this State as well as in New York. His work is influenced by the current Americans arts, Pop art, Yves Klein’s monochrome. But he feel exiled in America, and decides to go into the Drôme where the family settles down definitively. His exhibitions were in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Swiss, Holland, United States and Provence. Gérard Sighicelli died in September, 2011, leaving an important work.

10 abstract paintings of 1960s and 1970s   : exhibition by 7exa.Com

Exhibition of Gérard SIGHICELLI

July/August 2013 Maison de la Tour – Rue des Écoles
2012 Retrospective – Hotel Pelicier – Visan
2010 Espace d’Art François-Auguste Ducros – Grignan
2008 Galerie Terres d’Écritures – Grignan
2007 Espace Ripert – Bollèné
2006 Galerie de l’entrepôt – Paris
2004 Galerie de l’entrepôt – Paris
2003 Galerie Arcanes (8 tentures) – Valréas
2003 Château de Simiane – Valréas
2001 Galerie Odile Mauve – Paris
1999 Maison de la Culture – Meyrin-Genève
1997 Galerie Racines – Brétigny
1996 Alliance française – Los-Angeles USA
1995 Dickinson College en France – Toulouse
1995 22 peintures Salon Mac 2000 – Paris
1994 Aumônerie St Jacques – Gordes
1994 15 peintures Salon Mac 2000 – Paris
1993 (Les peintres du désert) atelier porte ouverte Provence
1991 Chez Alain Lavalle – Paris
1990 Galerie Hotel des Hospitaliers – Le Poët Laval
1989 Galerie du Meridien Hotel – Boston USA
1988 Festival d’Avignon Galerie Serignan – Avignon
1987 Sertis Communication – Paris
1987 Denise Verdier – Valréas
1986 Galerie Arcanes – Valréas
1982 Sertis Communication – Paris
1981 Musée Ancien de Grignan – Grignan
1980 Galerie Saint Léger – Genève
1978 20 paysages Galerie Jacqueline Mure – Valréas
1976 Invité du Salon de l’Enclave – Valréas
1976 Galerie Renaissance du Vieux Bordeaux – Bordeaux
1976 Musée du Palais Longchamp – Marseille
1974 FIAP – Paris
1971 Galerie du Wesport Women’s Club – Wesport Conn USA
1970 Galerie Cordier-Ecthrom – New-York USA
1970 Norwalk Bank — Norwalk Conn USA
1968 80 peintures Château de Simiane – Valréas
1966 Galerie Bellecour – Lyon